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Karlovy Vary - Spa Destination
Region : Europe
Destination : Karlovy Vary
Activities : Spa & Wellness, Special Feature
Validity : 10 August 2016 to 30 September 2018
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Karlovy Vary - Carlsbad
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‘Karlovy Vary (also known as Carlsbad) is the largest Czech spa town famous for its unique architecture and cosmopolitan clientele. The spa quarters is spread along the valley of the Tepla river.’

Karlovy Vary offers hotels and spa houses in all price ranges, from five-star to tourist-class. The spa, which used to specialize mostly in metabolic and gastrointestinal disorders, now offers treatments suitable for nearly any medical condition, as well as relaxation and rejuvenation stays.


Natural healing resources
Carlsbad’s 12 springs are rich in sodium, bicarbonate and sulphates. The springs are very similar to each other as far as chemical composition is concerned, but have different temperatures and contain differing amounts of CO2. Mineral-rich mud from a nearby source is also used in treatments.

The water and mud are used to treat patients with digestive and musculoskeletal problems, diabetes and obesity.



Spa Treatment Indications
Digestive tract disorders, Metabolic disorders, Diabetes, Gout, Obesity, Parodontosis (Gingivitis), Locomotor system disorders, Diseases of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder and biliary ducts.  Oncological convalescents, Neurological diseases.


Typical Spa Treatments
Baths, Hydrotherapy, Massages, Packs – wraps – mud treatments, Inhalation treatments, Electrotherapy, Physical therapy, Terrain therapy, Oriental treatments.


Long stays & Short stays with Complex Spa treatment & Relax Spa treatment
Anti-stress / Regenerative Program, Program for Slimming and Body Remodeling, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment, Program for
Reducing the Body Weight , Program for Locomotive Disorders.
Diabetics Program, Anti-Cellulite Program , Detoxication Program, Gyneacology Program ,Week for the Women Health,Week for the Men Health


Most of the treatment includes medical examinations, basic blood laboratory examination and spa treatments



Spa Packages/Treatments also available for other Spa Towns:

Spa Jachymov is located in a forested area of the Ore Mountains, under their highest peak – Klinovec. Thanks to enormous deposits of silver it became a royal town with the privilege to make their own coins. At the turn of this century, abundant radioactive springs were discovered in the old silver mines and their therapeutic effects gave rise to the foundation of the first radon spa in the world.

The healing power of the natural radon water is used to treat patients with infections and degenerative diseases of the motor neuron system/ musculoskeletar apparatus, as well as for treating people who have recently undergone an operation or suffered an injury.


Spa Piestany The Slovak Health Spa Piestany belongs for more than 100years to the leading European spa for its treatment of Rheumatism, Rehabilitation of locomotove apparatus and nervous system. The curative sulphur mud in connection with thermal mineral water is absolutely unique.
The inflammations of joints are being reduced and the mobility restored through specialised therapies. The immune system is being reinforced, damaged cartilages are being regenerated and the process of degenerative deterioration of joints slows down.

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